I grew up in a town nestled on the banks of the Murray River. Like many country kids, I was active and outside most of the time. My favourite childhood memories are not of reading and writing, but of camping, swimming and skiing behind our old fishing boat. This picture basically sums up my childhood!

After a brief move away to study at University, I found myself back home for my first teaching position. I had many jobs before then; fish and chip wrapper, pool lifeguard and even working in a zoo, but I found my purpose in teaching.

As a teacher, I read. Book after book, after book. I read aloud to my class in every spare moment and quickly noticed an improvement in attention and engagement. This was always the highlight of my day. The children seemed to love reading stories as much as I did…I hope they still do!

I took time off teaching when my first child was born and decided to start creating my own stories. Just like that. It wasn’t until I completed a course in writing that I understood the art and skill required. Writing for children is, as they say, deceptively simple.

Now I fill my days by writing and teaching. I live with my musician husband and two children (who inspire me daily), still in the same town I grew up in. We have an escapee cat, Border Collie dog, roaming chooks and a garden I love.